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We’re always curating online tennis lessons and publishing on Youtube our latest tennis coaching inner secrets. Here you’ll be able to find some tips we’ve picked out from the pros which we call ‘Secrets Of The Pros’ as well as our online tennis coaching videos where we look at being able to add some tennis tips into your game.

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Tennis Inner Secrets Academy

We offer a variety of online tennis courses from Tennis Inner Secrets that we try and include every aspect to do with tennis. This includes looking at how to improve fitness, making the best pre-match meal and of course how to hit that faster serve. Some of our online tennis courses are free and some require a small investment. Dive in and of course, if you have any questions just get in touch.


Honestly, hearing from Tennis Inner Secrets supporters keeps us going!

If you need help with anything we’re not far away, be that questions for a particular online tennis course, or a tennis Youtube video you want us to record, or even what your next racquet should be.

Head over to our contact page and send us an email:)

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